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Joseph Kain

Professional Software Engineer learning Elixir.

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Elixir Application Design

Elixir Application Design

I examine the OTP application design of Mix.

Ranch Application Design

I continue looking at OTP application design by examining the structure of Ranch.

Cowboy Application Design

I examine the application structure of Cowboy HTTP Server.

Streaming data through a pool

I continue developing Domain Scrapper by adding a pool of workers.

Designing with OTP Applications in Elixir

I continuing putting an application together by composing multiple OTP applciations.

Fetching Reddit Posts using Elixir

I continuing developing my application by fetching posts and comments from reddit.

Collecting Multiple Streams of Work Into a Pool in Elixir

I test my assumptions and put my OTP applications together.

Building a cache in Elixir with ETS

I add a cache of unshortened URLs using ETS.

Learning Elixir's Collectable Protocol

I take a deep dive into Elixir's Collectable Protocol and implement Collectable for some of my modules.

Setting up Ecto in an Elixir Application

I setup Ecto within my Domain Scrapper application.